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One of our most popular systems in the oil and gas industry is the CCTV system. These systems are designed to operate in harsh and hazardous environments. Securetech.Asia is a part of Vivo Asia Engineering & Trading, which specializes in telecom, IT and ELV systems for industries that operate in harsh and hazardous environments. 

CCTV System


Cameras: PTZ Explosion Proof and Weatherproof cameras, Thermal and Dome cameras, Fixed Cameras
Control Panels
Video Management System




ATEX, IECEx, ONVIF, UL Listing, CE Mark, FCC Compliance, ISO

cctv systems for ships

Benefits of Using a CCTV System

A CCTV system can be used for a variety of uses in industries, to improve security and safety. Over the years, technological developments have been CCTV systems more useful and reliable. 


CCTV cameras are used to monitor the premises of an industrial facility, including the production areas, warehouses, and parking lots. This helps to deter criminal activity such as theft, vandalism, and break-ins.


CCTV cameras can be used to monitor the production process, ensuring that employees are following safety protocols and that equipment is being used correctly. They can also be used to monitor hazardous areas, such as chemical storage facilities or high-temperature production areas. Thermal cameras are used to monitor equipment. 

Quality Control

CCTV cameras can be used to monitor the production process, allowing supervisors to ensure that the required standards are being complied with. 

Remote Monitoring

CCTV systems can be used to remotely monitor an industrial facility, allowing managers to keep an eye on operations even when they are not on-site.

Upgrading Legacy CCTV Systems

The team at Vivo Asia are experts in turning your legacy CCTV systems into high-tech video analytics based CCTV systems. This method allows customers to keep their existing camera’s and upgrade the CCTV system infrastructure, improving efficiency and security. 

CCTV Coverage Studies

cctv systems for harsh and hazardous environments

CCTV coverage studies involve analyzing the effectiveness and efficiency of CCTV systems in monitoring and recording activities in a specific area. These studies require expertise and experience in order to be carried out accurately. 

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