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Case Study: Upgrading a Legacy CCTV System


This white paper aims to illustrate the process, concerns and difficulties of upgrading of legacy CCTV system infrastructure for offshore clients.

Case Study: A comprehensive exercise to evaluate, propose and successfully upgrade a CCTV system that was in operation on an FPSO in Ghana.


The oil & gas industry has been lagging behind its peers such as the semiconductor, pharmaceutical and photovoltaic industries due to the slump it went through from 2015 to 2021.

This is especially true about CCTV systems and surveillance technology. Many systems that were deployed during the good years of oil & gas industry are now outdated.


  • Not replacing 30 existing CCTV cameras
  • Ensuring backward compatibility of the legacy CCTVs with the new Video Management System
  • Upgrading had to be done offshore, with limited space and very stringent safety standards, requiring careful planning and permits to work
  • Needed to minimize the system down time as the CCTV system is critical for safety of operation


  • High quality video
  • Simpler backup procedure
  • Option to have cloud storage
  • Enhanced Video Analytics
  • No need to look for outdated spare parts
  • More intelligent security features requiring less manpower for video forensic & investigation.

Before Upgrading

Client had a Pelco EnduraXpress System that was deployed more than 10 years ago. 

More than 30 explosion proof cameras of the model Pelco ExSite and other non-explosion proof cameras were connected to the EnduraXpress System.

The connection between the CCTVs and the EnduraXpress had to go through Pelco’s NET5416 converters as the media to transport images was fiber optic.

The client faced the issue of the EnduraXpress going obsolete and was finding it difficult to integrate new cameras with the legacy system.

(To the right is the block diagram for the CCTV system rack before the upgrades were completed)

Upgrading Process

As a result Vivo Asia was engaged to study the
feasibility of upgrading the EnduraXpress system to
Pelco’s latest Video Management System – VideoXpert.

Vivo Asia proposed to decommission the EnduraXpress, install the VideoXpert and upgrade the viewing stations to VideoXpert workstations. This presented a number of challenges such as the dimensions of the VideoXpert server not being similar to that of the EnduraXpress.

However, with good cooperation between the client and Vivo Asia’s technical personnel, the design and the method statements for installation of the new VideoXpert server were finalized.

(To the right is the block diagram for the CCTV system rack after the upgrades were completed)

Featured Products

products used in the CCTV system upgrade


Vivo Asia successfully upgraded the system at offshore, in less than 2 weeks, with the installation of 4 new Pelco ExSite Enhanced 2 cameras as well.

This project allowed the team at Vivo Asia Engineering & Trading to develop a system for upgrading legacy CCTV systems in the oil and gas industry.

The client now enjoys better features and functionality, as well as improved operational safety. The backward compatibility of Pelco VideoXpert has allowed the client to still keep most the functioning legacy CCTV cameras. As and when required, they will be replaced with new ExSite Enhanced 2 cameras.

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