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Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems

Why are Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems Important?

A Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) is used to detect and prevent unauthorized access to industrial facilities, such as manufacturing plants, warehouses, and refineries.  

In industries such as the oil and gas industry where high-value, dangerous assets need to be protected, these systems use a variety of sensors and technologies to monitor the perimeter of a site and provide real-time alerts when an intrusion is detected.

perimeter intrusion detection system

Benefits of using a PID Systems

Protecting Assets

A PID system can aid in the prevention of theft, vandalism, and sabotage. The loss of critical equipment, inventory, or sensitive data can have a significant impact on the operation of the facility and its bottom line. In addition, security breaches can pose a safety risk to employees and the surrounding community.

Additional Security

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems also provide an additional layer of security to physical barriers such as fences, gates, and walls. They can detect and alert security personnel to potential threats before they enter the facility, allowing for a rapid response and mitigating the risk of loss or damage.

Cost Effectiveness

Many industrial areas and assets cover large areas of lands that would require huge amounts of man power for physical monitoring and patrols. This system saves this cost to the company but providing highly accurate perimeter monitoring at all times. 

Types of PIDS technologies

There are several types of PIDS technologies available, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Some of the most common types include:

 Video cameras are placed around the perimeter of the facility and can provide real-time video feeds to a central monitoring station. Advanced video analytics can be used to detect anomalies, such as people or vehicles moving in restricted areas, and trigger an alarm.

Microwave sensors

Microwave sensors emit a beam of microwaves and measure the reflections from nearby objects. They can detect movement and vibration and are less prone to false alarms than some other types of sensors.

Infrared sensors

Infrared sensors detect changes in temperature and can be used to detect people or vehicles moving in the vicinity. They are effective in low-light conditions and can be used to create a thermal map of the area

Fiber Optic Sensors

Fiber optic sensors use light to detect changes in pressure or vibration. They can be used to detect movement along a fence or detect the sound of cutting or digging.

Acoustic sensors

Acoustic sensors can detect the sound of breaking glass, footsteps, or other sounds associated with intrusion.

Choosing the Right PIDS for Your Facility

This depends on several factors, including the size of the facility, the level of risk, and the budget. It is important to work with a security consultant to conduct a risk assessment and determine the best PIDS technology for your specific needs.

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